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Kiri and Seila Campaign 

Kiri and Seila

Kiri and Seila

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Please email or post this letter to voice your concern for the elephants and animals at Phnom Penh Safari in Cambodia.   

Cambodia’s famous elephants, Kiri and Seila, are loved locally and around the world. They previously lived at Teuk Chhou Zoo for nearly 20 years, where EARS ASIA cared for them for 3 years. Whilst this wasn't ideal, they were not treated inhumanely, nor were they trained. They were inseparable friends and were free to express natural behaviours, bathe, and play. 

In 2018, the zoo closed and Kiri and Seila were relocated to Phnom Penh Safari. 


The above video shows Kiri (renamed Peter) and Seila (renamed Nancy) trained, chained, and underweight. Both elephants have deep wounds and scars on their head from bull hook abuse. Kiri and Seila had wonderful personalities but the mahouts have tortured both of them to break their spirits for the tourism entertainment industry. 

This is not conservation, education, or tradition.

This is cruelty.

We appeal to H.E. Okhna Ly Yong Phat and the Management of Phnom Penh Safari to give the elephants a natural sanctuary environment where they are free to roam, socialize, bathe, and play.