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Kiri and Seila

​EARS ASIA was assisting with the care of Kiri and Seila at Teuk Chhou Zoo in Cambodia from May 2012 to 24th September 2015. The elephants had been living in deplorable conditions for over a decade and help was urgently needed.

We built the elephants a spacious enclosure funded by Fiona Hardie Ltd in Hong Kong and Beijing Infinity in China. We also provided the upkeep and care of these elephants in it's entirety to include veterinary care, a daily food supply including grasses, banana trees, sugarcane and bamboo, trucks of sand, enrichment, staff and salaries.

Kiri and Seila, both in their early 20's, had not endured the harsh training to break their spirit, they were not forced to work, and had never known chains. They roamed throughout the large field and were free to express their individual personalities.


With a long life ahead of them, we hoped to one day secure a sanctuary environment in a natural forest habitat but unfortunately this wasn't to be. 

In 2015, we learnt of a potential international zoo trade to relocate the elephants to Hirakawa Zoo in Japan. Devastated at this news, we launched a campaign to keep Cambodia's famous and native elephants in their home country. Our campaign was successful, and Kiri and Seila remained at Teuk Chhou Zoo. However, we were unfortunately ejected from the zoo on the 24th September 2015 and prohibited to provide any further care for the elephants.

Teuk Chhou Zoo was owned by Cambodian Politician, H.E. Nhim Vanda, who recently sold the land, closed down the zoo, and relocated his animals. Some were re-homed to Bayap Zoo, his zoo in Prey Veng. 

Kiri and Seila were relocated within Cambodia to Phnom Penh Safari, a tourism entertainment facility, owned by H.E. Okhna Ly Yong Phat of LYP Group. 

Children are our future

In 2015, our Children's Colouring Campaign saw many young artists be a voice for Kiri and Seila. These talented and passionate animal lovers created colourful elephant designs with a powerful message to protect Kiri and Seila.

These pictures were sent to the Cambodian and Japanese governments to appeal to Stop the Trade of Kiri and Seila to a Hirakawa Zoo. 

We are incredibly grateful to the following schools for their support:

- The Red Road Foundation, Cambodia

- Providence Day School, North Carolina, USA

- Colegio Humanista Alfonso Reyes, Cholula, Puebla in Mexico

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