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Phuket is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Thailand and EARS ASIA Founder, Louise Rogerson, had visited many times dating as far back as 1993. Louise had also received many emails asking if there was an elephant sanctuary at this hot spot beach destination and her goal was to launch an ethical project there. 

Working as Project Director with a former elephant camp owner and his family, Louise launched Phuket Elephant Sanctuary rescuing and rehabilitating mistreated working elephants. With a strong emphasis on animal welfare, we implemented the first non-bathing program on the island, connecting with the hotel and travel industry, a wealth of international media, and welcomed a long list of high profile celebrities. 

Education and awareness is key to change and through the enormous success in the first year, thousands of people visited the sanctuary. With our proven ethical model, other camps in the region began embracing a more compassionate approach for their elephants, this wave of change slowly spreading throughout Southern Thailand and ultimately giving more elephants an improved life. 

EARS ASIA partially funded the first elephant enclosures and three rescued elephants Gaew Ta, Dok Gaew and Jan Jao. Dok Gaew sadly passed away in January 2018, and Gaew Ta and Jan Jao enjoy a beautiful life at the sanctuary.