Tree Tops Elephant Reserve, Phuket, Thailand

Tree Tops Elephant Reserve is a beautiful elephant sanctuary located on the paradise tourist island of Phuket in Thailand. Tree Tops is the first true sanctuary in in south of Phuket. 

EARS Asia Founder, Louise Rogerson, is the Project Director of Tree Tops, and has worked with elephants in Asia since 2010. 

Tree Tops rescues and retires working elephants who previously worked exhausting hours in the logging industry, or gave rides and performed in shows for tourist entertainment. Tree Tops is pioneering ethical elephant tourism in southern region of Phuket by offering visitors an opportunity to learn about, love, and respect elephants through their compassionate and gentle approach. 

Tree Tops does not allow bathing with elephants as this is not putting the welfare of the elephants first. It is stressful for the elephants, dangerous for guests, unhygienic, and unethical. 


Observe elephants as they roam and socialize peacefully throughout the sanctuary, and bathe and play naturally without crowds of people in the water. 

Tree Tops Elephant Reserve, Phuket, Thailand